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Earning Our Pen Licence

Join us in our celebration of handwriting!

Our handwriting stars that have earned their pen licence are:


September 2015


Year 6 pupils:


Asra Ul-Haq

Aaliyah Kazi


November 2015;


Year 4 pupils:


Violet Sadler

Aniya Nazir

Laura Heleniak


Year 5 pupils:


Hasan Waheed

Aliza Akhtar

Komal Hamid

Michael Hill

Declan Donlin

Anakin Heckingbottom

Kian McArthur

Villiam Sandor

Harley Yates


Year 6 pupils:


Nimra Zia

Shannon Burrows

Billy Baxter

Sam Tate

Kyle Walsh

Holly-Louise Corbally

Abigail McDermott