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Year 6 Leavers Assembly - Thank you to all the Parents and Carers who came this morning to the celebration assembly.

Earning Our Pen Licence

Join us in our celebration of handwriting!

Our handwriting stars that have earned their pen licence are:


September 2015


Year 6 pupils:


Asra Ul-Haq

Aaliyah Kazi


November 2015;


Year 4 pupils:


Violet Sadler

Aniya Nazir

Laura Heleniak


Year 5 pupils:


Hasan Waheed

Aliza Akhtar

Komal Hamid

Michael Hill

Declan Donlin

Anakin Heckingbottom

Kian McArthur

Villiam Sandor

Harley Yates


Year 6 pupils:


Nimra Zia

Shannon Burrows

Billy Baxter

Sam Tate

Kyle Walsh

Holly-Louise Corbally

Abigail McDermott