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Maths team

Mathematics at Intack

Hello and welcome to the Intack Primary School Math's page.


The current Math's team are:

Foundation Stage- Mrs. Kell

Key Stage 1- Miss. Molyneux

Lower Key Stage 2- Miss. Cairns

Math's Co-ordinator- Mr. Miller


The team are all committed to making Maths teaching excellent,

and ensuring that all children learn and enjoy their Math's lessons.


If you would like to know more about Maths at our school, please contact me.


Mr. Miller


Intack children had a treat on the 19th October 2016 when the current B.D.O. world champion Scott Waites came in to play darts and show us his brilliant mental maths skills. Scott set up a dart board for a whole school assembly in the hall and played darts against children from all year groups. He then challenged the Year 6 and Year 4 classes to a game of arrows, where the children learnt addition and subtraction methods in a darts game from 501 down.

A great time was had by everyone and we wish Scott good luck for the coming season!  

This is us enjoying the last Math's Day in October......

Math's Day October 2017

Math's Day October 2017 1
Math's Day October 2017 2
Math's Day October 2017 3
Math's Day October 2017 4
Math's Day October 2017 5
Math's Day October 2017 6
Math's Day October 2017 7
Math's Day October 2017 8
Math's Day October 2017 9
Math's Day October 2017 10
Math's Day October 2017 11
Math's Day October 2017 12
Math's Day October 2017 13

Math's Marvels At Intack.......!


2017 Autumn term's Math's Marvels, chosen for their effort, progress, improvement, resilience and knowledge are..


Reception- Zachary Evans and Eamon Eccles

Year 1- Aaron Holt and Salmaan Kadu

Year 2- Lewis Mcarthur and Tyler Walmesley

Year 3-Ethan Hazlett and Kacey Mcfarlane

Year 4- Ismail Moheb and Amber Noor

Year 5- Riley Donlin and Hammah Collins

Year 6- Ella Adcroft and Jack Wright


Many congratulations to all the children above for their hard work..smiley