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Y5 pupils went to Malham (1.2.18) See the Toucan and Jay class pages for photos!

Meet the staff....

Senior Leadership Team

                                                                                    1 Mrs. Cairney, Head teacher
                                                                                    2 Mrs. Hamriding, Deputy Head teacher
                                                                                    3 Mr. Taylor, Assistant Head teacher
 Senior Management Team
Picture 1 Mrs. Forrest, EYFS Leader
Picture 2 Mr. Miller, KS2 Leader
Picture 3 Mrs. Burnyeat, Pastoral Care Manager
Picture 4 Mrs. Aliouane, Teacher and SENCo
Class teachers
Picture 1 Mrs. Byrne
Picture 2 Mrs. Wogden
Picture 3 Miss. Duerden
Picture 4 Mrs. Hackett
Picture 5 Mrs. Harrison
Picture 6 Miss. Hussain
Picture 7 Mrs. Kell
Picture 8 Miss. Makda
Picture 9 Miss. McKee
Picture 10 Mrs. McMillan
Picture 11 Mrs. Millner
Picture 12 Miss. Molyneux
Picture 13 Miss. Simpson
Picture 14 Mrs. Sleigh
Picture 15 Mr. Stringfellow
Picture 16 Mrs. Willis
Picture 1 Mrs. Vaughan Williams, ECaR Teacher
Support Staff
Picture 1 Mrs. Bell
Picture 2 Miss. Bourke
Picture 3 Mrs. Chaudhry
Picture 4 Miss. Edwards
Picture 5 Mrs. Forde
Picture 6 Mrs. Hatch
Picture 7 Miss. Haworth
Picture 8 Mrs. Kennedy
Picture 9 Miss. Leigh
Picture 10 Mrs. McHugh
Picture 11 Mrs. Nelson
Picture 12 Mrs. Ormerod
Picture 13 Mrs. Parkinson, Attendance and Family Worker
Picture 14 Mrs. Patel
Picture 15 Mrs. Roberts
Picture 16 Mrs. Schofield
Picture 17 Miss. Scott
Picture 18 Mrs. Vachhiyat
Picture 19 Mrs. Vasyat
Office Staff
Picture 1 Mrs. Cunliffe, School Business Manager
Picture 2 Mrs. Spence, Office Manager
Picture 3 Mrs. Braysford
Picture 1 Mr. Waldron, Site Supervisor