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Kestrels class assembly has been postponed - It will NOT take place this week.

Session 8

The session for this week included the following learning outcomes:


  • To identify and describe common deciduous and evergreen forest areas 
  • To create a deciduous and evergreen forest out of natural resources 
  • To use safety knowledge around the forest school
  • To be able to work effectively independently or with a team


This week the rain poured! But we still had fun being outside! We learnt all about the different types of forest areas and understood what type of forest ours school has. We created different forest areas out of natural resources and spoke about these to the rest of the group. When the rain stopped we took part in a quiz which had lots of questions about trees and what we had learnt in previous sessions about these. Unfortunately we did not get chance to take all the photos we wanted to because of the weather. 

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