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Thursday 26th September 2019 - MacMillan Coffee afternoon from 2:00pm AND Harvest collection for the food bank. We look forward to seeing you and receiving your harvest gifts.

Creative Curriculum and Teams

Our Creative Curriculum has been updated and the subjects are now grouped under team headings, similar to those of the Early Years curriculum. Look at the team information below to find out more...
Our creative curriculum covers English, Science, History, Geography, Music, Dance, Art, Drama, PSHE and DT through a thematic approach to learning, with applied maths linked in when appropriate. This means our pupils are inspired, motivated and challenged by more meaningful and linked learning. It also allows us freedom and ownership with regard to how we teach as well as guaranteeing we fulfil statutory requirements in terms of coverage. Subjects taught discretely are RE, PE, MFL, Maths and more technical aspects of the English Programme of Study. 
The Child Team
The World Team
The Arts Team

Balloon Buggies - Science - Year 5

Chaplins visited with their Christmas pantomine! Oh yes it did!!

Year 3 trip to Liverpool Museum

year 5 Sing Slow Way practice

year 5 Sing Slow Way practice 1
year 5 Sing Slow Way practice 2

Sleeps 'til Christmas

Our Choir recorded a jingle for The Bee Radio.

We enjoyed making pizzas in reception.

We celebrated Bonfire Night in year 1

We acted out the story of the Gunpowder Plot and made firework pictures. We also made toffee apples. Yum! Yum!

Year 1 - investigating the senses

Robin's topic work so far...

This is the topic work for Year 4 so far...

Greek Day in Year 4!

Year 4 Drumming.

Forces topic - making balloon buggies in year 5.

In year 6 we wrote to a teacher and invited them to a healthy three course meal. We made decorations and researched recipes. We then compared prices online with Tesco and looked at how to stay within a budget. Some children went shopping and shopped for all the ingredients needed. Some children seated and waited on staff during the meal. We worked very hard and the meal was a huge success! Well done year 6!

Year 6 made powerpoints for Year 2 as part of our own assessments.

In Science we learnt about electricity and how circuits work. In design technology we designed, then made our own winter houses and then evaluated it. We wanted our winter houses to look as festive as possible! As you can tell we had lots of fun!!

Pelican's class making Mayan masks

We learnt about the Mayan temples and why they were used. Did you know that the priests would sacrifice a person to the water gods by throwing them into the wells? We made our own Mayan temple using clay.

Outdoor Learning in Year 6

We went exploring the school grounds to see what birds could be found!