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Wishing all our families a wonderful safe summer break - We return on Wednesday 1st September 2021 at 8:45am

Friends of Intack


‘Friends of Intack’ group meetings are all about planning events that allow the school community and our local community to come together to improve the lives of our families and the children who attend our school.

Our group is made up of members of the community, staff and parents from our school.

We haven’t had any meetings since ‘lockdown’ but we have all kept in touch and we have met online.

We are working hard to try and think of ways to keep our school and the community connected.

If you have any great suggestions or would just like a chat please contact me,

Mrs Hamriding 01254-52815

Hopefully our Friends of Intack group can start planning great events to bring our school and community together, very soon!

Keep Safe 😊