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Chinese New Year - Monday 25th January - The Year of the Rat!

Jays - Year 5

Hello and welcome to the Jay's class page.


All the classes in school have a bird name so they can be easily recognised, our class is named after the Jay and we have researched some interesting facts about our class bird:


  1. Jays are native to Europe and North America and can usually be found in woodland, living in trees.
  2. They eat seeds, nuts, acorns, fruit, insects and other bird's eggs.
  3. The Blue jay has a wingspan of 13-17 inches and can fly between 20-25 miles an hour.
  4. The Brown Jay is native to England and is quite hard to spot being quite a solitary bird.
  5. Jays actually belong the crow family.

The Jays class really enjoyed making cars during their DT lesson and some of the finished products were brilliant!

Making Our Cars!

Year 5 Malham Residential Visit.


We visited Malham Field Centre for an over-night stay at the beginning of February. We had a fantastic time and as you can see from the photos it was particularly cold and we had to really wrap up well. 


We learnt how to build shelters, make a fire and how to insulate things to keep them warm-even when it's really cold!  We also learnt about animal habitats, environments and how to set traps for small mammals. Don't worry the traps were safe and  wouldn't of hurt the animal.


We were very tired after the trip, but learnt a lot and had loads of fun too. smiley 


Toucans and Jays.