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3 Kingfishers

Hello and welcome to Kingfisher Class. We are year 3 children and our teacher is Mrs Sleigh

Kingfisher Facts We researched these facts together using the internet during Week 1.  


Kingfisher definition: An often brightly coloured bird with a large head and long sharp beak. 


  • Kingfishers really like water, such as lakes, canals and rivers.  
  • Kingfishers are around all of the year.  
  • They eat fish and aquatic insects. 
  • They live all over the UK, in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  
  • Kingfishers lay 6 or 7 eggs in March or April.    
  • The eggs hatch 19-21 days later. They leave the nest after 24-25 days.  
  • They don’t live very long. The oldest one recorded was only 7 ½ years old. 
  • Lack of food and the cold means many kingfishers do not survive.  
  • The main predator is a cat.