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Non- Uniform Day - Thursday 21st November - Bring a Bottle for the Christmas Fair Tombola

Parrots - Year 4

Welcome to the Parrot's Class! Take a look at our work. Our teacher is Miss Molyneux!


2018 Homework Overview for Autumn 2

In Year 4, we have been learning about teeth and the digestive system. We carried out an experiment to see which liquid would cause the most damage to eggshells. We tested water, orange juice, coke and vinegar. We found the acid in the vinegar caused the most damage.

Plaque Experiment

As part of our teeth topic, we also looked at how to clean our teeth correctly. We cleaned our teeth and then chewed plaque tablets which stained the plaque on our teeth. We then cleaned our teeth again. We shocked our parents when we came out of school with bright pink and purple lips!!

Egg Shell Experiment

Christmas Party Day!

The Ancient Greeks made panpipes or pan flutes as they were first known. We designed and made our own panpipes. We evaluated the designs and presented them to our friends in groups. We all had a really good time making them!

Our Ukulele Assembly

Greek Day

We dressed as Ancient Grecians for our Greek Day. This term we learnt about the Ancient Greek period and we designed and drew our own Greek vase.

Science Investigation

Gymnastics in Year 4.

We investigated the effects on pitch when we poured water into our drinking bottles. We were helped by the school's 'Science Ambassadors' who ensured the science experiment was carried out correctly. We talked about how we were keeping the test fair and what we would change. We also said how much fun we had investigating our theories!