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Woodpeckers - Year 1

Hello and welcome to Woodpecker Class. We are Year 1 children and our teacher is Mrs Makda.

Interesting facts about Woodpeckers


  • Woodpeckers live in wooded areas and forests.  
  • They tap on tree trunks to find insects. 
  • Woodpeckers eat insects, fruit, acorns and nuts. 
  • When a woodpecker hatches, it is blind and does not  have any feathers.  
  • Woodpeckers have two tight clawed toes pointing in each direction to help them grip the sides of trees and balance while they hammer. 
  • Many woodpeckers also have thick tail feathers, which they press against a tree surface to help them support their weight. 
Picture 1

Spring 2 Learning:


  • English
    • Non-fiction;  The Parts and Functions of a Plant
  • Maths
    • Patterns
  • Science
    • All About Plants
  • Topic
    • London
  • Computing
    • We are Collectors
  • RE
    • What do Christians believe?
  • Art
    • Georgia O'Keeffe