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Welcome back and Happy New Year!


Anybody experiencing problems with their child’s attendance, please feel free to contact school.


Mrs Cairney (Head), Mrs Burnyeat (Pastoral Care) and Mrs Parkinson (Attendance Officer) are always available to support families and ensure children are in school.

Attendance Facts

winkRegular absence and lateness for school will seriously affect your child’s learning.

winkIf your child misses 1 day of school a week, by the time they reach 16, they will have missed 2 years of learning.

smiley    Good attendance and punctuality will increase the chances of a child achieving their full potential.

smiley Good attendance and punctuality helps your child to develop high self-esteem and friendships.

  Weekly Attendance

Every week during assembly I talk to the children about the need for them to be in school every day and arrive on time. We talk about the percentage attendance in each class for the previous week and work out which class in Key stage One and Two has the best attendance. The best classes are then awarded the Attendance trophies for the week. Look out for the weekly update on who has the best attendance!

Mrs. Cairney


Which Class had the best attendance last week?

Week beginning Foundation, Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2
11th September 2017 Owls 99.5  Well done!!!!! Jays 98.9%  Well done.


Be on time for 9!
We celebrated 100% attendance since last September, during our end of term Easter assembly. Well done to Lewis, KS1  and Corban, KS2 who won the raffle draw! Keep up the good attendance!
Well done Corban, KS2 and Talulah , KS1 for your 100% attendance across 2016-17. You won the end of year raffle for 100% attendance and rode home a brand new bike!