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The English Team at Intack



Our team leader is me! Mrs. Hamriding, I oversee the teaching of English across school, this includes reading, writing, speech and language skills and phonics. 


The other teachers in the English team are;

  • Mrs Kell who leads on early reading and writing and speech, language and communication,
  • Mrs Hamriding who leads on KS1 writing
  • Miss Bretherton who leads on KS1 reading
  • Miss Mckee leads on phonics and grammar in KS2
  • Mrs Brynes  leads on upper KS2 reading and writing


We are all focused on ensuring that the teaching of Reading and Writing is the best it can be at Intack.



This year has been a challenging year and our children have missed lots of English teaching and learning.

To help our children 'catch-up' on missed learning, we offered a summer learning programme on our virtual learning website.

We have also adapted our timetables to help our children 'catch-up' in reading and writing, these timetables include more opportunities for our children to practise their spelling, reading and phonics.

Our teachers are also using the LCC 'Bridging Units' to support teaching and learning in English. These units cover learning objectives missed by the children from last year and link to their current year learning objectives.

We are also offering after school 'catch-up' lessons for our children, these are delivered by the class teachers and some teaching assistants in their bubble.


If you have any questions about any aspect of English teaching at Intack, please feel free to contact me.


Mrs. Hamriding


Roald Dahl Day 13th September 2019

World Book Day prize winners day out! 2019

Listening to stories plays a vital role in giving children ideas for writing and increasing their vocabulary. 

At Intack we have special story telling chairs that have been individually designed and created for specific year groups.

Children come and read books or tell stories on them.

Children at Intack Primary School love to read. 

Here are some of our exciting classroom reading areas.

Story- Telling at Intack