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Year 2

Year 2 - Homework due day: 25th May 2020

Curriculum focus for: Summer 1


Maths: Counting, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions and measurement

English: Non-chronological report and narratives from other cultures

Science:  Animals and their habitats

Topic: Awesome Animals


Activity Bank for: Summer Term 1


Please complete 4 or more activities from the bank. The task marked * MUST BE COMPLETED, plus any three other options. You can choose when you want to do them. Please write the date they are completed.


Homework Journal: Stick, write or draw anything into your Homework Journal to show what you have been doing.


Making different amounts with different combinations of coins, for example 20p – 10p + 10p or 5p + 5p + 5p + 5p



Write your own story based on the Traditional Tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’

Think about changing the setting and characters

Remember to use full stops, capital letters, noun phrases, !, ? and adverbs



Choose an animal that you would like to be and write an explanation why you want to be the animal


Create your own animal, draw it and label it in your book

ART / Creative

Draw and colour different patterns for an animal’s skin, for example a zebra would be black and white stripes


Compare and describe two animals using noun phrases and a variety of sentence types


Choose an animal and explain why it is adapted to its environment


For example, a polar bear has large paws so it doesn’t fall through the ice



Other essential Home Learning

  • You MUST read at least three times a week and this is to be recorded in the child’s Reading Record.
  • Learn your 2,3,5 and 10 times tables.
  • Practice your spellings ready for testing in the following week. 6 common exception words each week. Your child will be tested weekly during their English lesson.