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Eid Mubarak to our families.


   The curriculum aim for RE is to ensure that all pupils:

  1. Know about and understand a range of religions and worldviews.
  2. Express ideas and insights about the nature, significance and impact of religions and worldviews.
  3. Gain and deploy the skills needed to engage seriously with religions and worldviews.


  Intack Primary School ensures its pupils can achieve this by following the Blackburn with Darwen         agreed syllabus for RE, which has a set scheme of work. The syllabus states, “The principal aim of        RE  is to engage pupils in systematic enquiry into significant human questions which religion and          worldviews address, so that they can develop the understanding and skills needed to appreciate and    appraise varied responses to these questions, as well as develop responses of their own.”

  This agreed syllabus allows for children to gain a deeper understanding of Christianity, Islam,               Judaism, Hinduism and Humanism. This understanding is developed through three strands of                 questioning – Believing, Expressing and Living. Each unit builds on prior learning and develops new         skills.

Discussions are highly encouraged during lessons, drawing on pupils’ experiences and beliefs, with SMSC links within each lesson. Children are made to feel confident to discuss their own religious experiences without prejudice. Our school has developed close links with key representatives from each religion, who will visit the children and help extend their learning.