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Reading forms the core of our curriculum. All pupils read and are read to so that they develop a love of reading. Books are selected by teachers with the knowledge of how they link to other areas of the curriculum. Through the provision of quality texts, pupils are encouraged to read widely across both fiction and non-fiction, to develop an understanding of story structure, characters and a variety of topics.  Pupils are encouraged and given the chance to read a variety of text types including magazines, newspaper, books, comics and e-books.


Guided Reading - From FS, all pupils are taught to read in daily guided reading sessions as soon as they have acquired enough letter-sound knowledge to secure the first footholds in print.   Guided reading follows a whole-school structure, with minimal adjustment.  Teachers and teaching assistants are knowledgeable about the skills that are needed to acquire reading behaviours and use this knowledge to underpin teaching and assessment.  A carousel model of planning ensures that each pupil receives two adult-led sessions per week, in order to develop word knowledge and skills, readings strategies and comprehension.   Pupils are then expected to complete further extension activities in order to apply those skills independently. Children are grouped and taught at the correct level and differentiation is achieved by using Book Bands. Ongoing tracking ensures that attainment is accurate, and progress is continuous.   For children who are falling behind expectations, focused interventions are planned and delivered by trained staff, to help close the gap.

Reading Scheme – school uses a variety of different reading schemes to provide a wide variety of appropriate quality texts for pupils to read covering all genres. The schemes incorporated into our reading provision include: Oxford Reading Tree, Songbird Phonics, Project X, PM Series, Alpha kids. Wherever possible, books are Book Banded in order to ensure progression and challenge for all children.  


Classic Texts – all children will have classic texts read to them in all year groups.  This may include traditional fairy tales / rhymes in FS and KS1 and established classic novels in KS2.   


Reading Areas  - all classrooms have inviting and exciting reading areas with subject specific books and other age-appropriate ‘reading for pleasure’ books. Pupils are encouraged to use this area in which to choose, read and interact with books in an enjoyable way.


Reading Awards - in order to encourage reading at home, pupils who read at home to an adult at least three times a week, can acquire bronze, silver or gold awards during the course of the school year.  Achievement is celebrated by awarding certificates and prizes to those who succeed.


Library - All children visit the school library each week and choose a book to read either at home or in school.