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Our intention is to rapidly build phonic skills and confidence in order to produce confident blending and decoding skills to assist pupils basic reading and spelling skills. Strong phonic skills in combination with a range of word recognition, context and grammatical knowledge, build good comprehension skills and confident readers.


The systematic teaching of phonics has a high priority throughout Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 and the majority of our pupils develop good phonic skills.


In KS2 we do have some children who need additional time to develop their phonic skills. Some of these children may have failed the phonic screener in Year 1 and the retest in Year 2. A significant number of new arrivals in KS2 have arrived from abroad or have missed significant amounts of schooling before they enter Intack Primary School. On some occasions children have to relearn phonic skills in English as they have learned other phoneme/ grapheme correspondences in their first language (eg Lithuanian) or at times children have learned the Arabic alphabet and so have a totally new set of graphemes to learn. The phonetic knowledge of new KS2 pupils is assessed and they are placed into the appropriate phase.