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5 Toucans

Hello and welcome to the Toucan Class. We are year 5 and our teacher is Mr. Barry.


All the classes in school have a bird name so they can be easily recognised, our class is named after the toucan and we have researched some interesting facts about our class bird:


  1. Toucans are native to South America and can usually be found in the rain-forests there, living high in the canopy of trees.
  2. They are an omnivorous bird that eat small animals, insects, reptiles and plants.
  3. There are 42 different species of toucans ranging in size from 60 cms to 90 cms.
  4. Their brightly coloured and distinctive bill is not only used for reaching and killing food, but acts also as a balance to support their weight in the trees.
  5. A toucan will make its nest in a tree trunk, again using its beak to hollow out a space.