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High-quality lessons should include:

  • A whole class risk assessment
  • A learning objective
  • Teaching the children to warm up safely
  • The teaching of skills and techniques 
  • Modelling of correct technique 
  • The application and adaptation of learnt skills in games activities
  • Use of correct and specific technical vocabulary
  • Performance and evaluation of each other’s work
  • Work which reflects the learning objective
  • Teaching the children to cool down safely
  • Teaching the children the impact PE has on their bodies



Children are entitled to high-quality PE lessons. In each year group children participate in gymnastics, games, dance and outdoor and adventurous activities following iPEP Planner. In KS2 children receive swimming lessons provided by Half Fish HQ.


Foundation Stage

Here the lessons are structured so that there is an unlimited opportunity for outdoor play experiences. Children also have additional PE sessions, which aim to prepare children for the PE curriculum in KS1.


Curriculum Planning

The areas of physical activity (games, gymnastics, dance, athletics, swimming and outdoor activities) are set out in the Foundation Stage Curriculum and National Curriculum 2014.The time-table and scheme of work is centrally planned by the PE coordinator.


The school follows the progressive schemes of work provided by Ipep Planner. Mr Foggarty is our PE teacher in school and he takes overall responsibility for the development of these units to suit the needs of all children and reflect upon its impact. Individual lessons should be evaluated to inform planning and ensure differentiation. These units support and deliver the National Curriculum for Physical Education.