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We hope you all have a lovely half term. If you need help during the holidays Blackburn with Darwen Help Hub telephone line is still available 01254 588111. We will return to school on Monday 1st November 2021.

School Council


Welcome to the School Council page!


Every class from Year 2 to Year 6 elects its own School Councillor in September. This pupil then attends School Council Meetings every half term.


The School Councillors are able to meet with important members of staff and discuss your concerns and ideas. They also bring messages and decisions from the School Management Team back to classes and feed them back in discussion time.


This year the members of the School Council are:


Name Class Year
Imaan Eagles 6
Natasha Pelicans 6
Halima Toucans 5
Ali Jays 5
Lois Parrots 4
Dominykus Kestrels 4
Muhammad Kestrels 3
Mia Kingfishers 3
Tillie Sparrows 2
Zachary Robins 2


The School Council have elected:

  • Imaan as their Chairperson
  • Ali as the Vice Chairperson
  • Natasha as the Secretary
  • Miss McKee also helps during the meetings.


You can also put forward your suggestions about how to improve our school in a number of ways:-

Speak to a School Council representative and they will jot your comments down in their “School Council” folder which they will then take to the next meeting. You can also write down your idea on a slip of paper and  hand it to your School Council representative  who will then bring this to the next meeting.



In the Spring Term the School Council are looking forward to meeting the Mayor of Blackburn, Councillor Jim Shorrock when he comes to visit our school.


Mrs Hamriding told the School Council that they had been invited to visit the Mayor in his office in the Town Hall in 2020 and during this visit we hope to ask him lots of questions about British Values and about the role of the Mayor. Then we will share all of this information in a school assembly. We are all very excited about this visit! If you have questions that you would like us to ask please tell your class’s school councillor.