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Thank you for your support with the Summer Fair on Friday.... very well attended and a brilliant atmosphere! End of year events this week and finish at 1.30pm Friday.


The overall impact of providing a Spanish rich curriculum is that children are given the opportunity to learn and foster a love of learning another language. They can find out about a different culture and may even study and work in other countries in the future.  It makes children aware of not only the different languages/cultures that surround them but of languages in our ‘bigger’ world and where it can take them. 
Pupils should leave Intack Primary School with a keen interest in developing this language.  This can be done by engaging in a willingness to participate eagerly in every lesson, display a positive attitude and in the ability to engage in speaking, reading and writing in Spanish.  The Spanish curriculum works on previous learning, recapping lessons and by the use of a lot of repetition. Children become confident by engaging in conversations and are able to respond to spoken and written language.  They become confident in writing and in the way they communicate. Pupils can write at varying lengths and for different purposes and by doing so they discover and develop an appreciation of the language studied.