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Please arrive on time for school EVERY DAY. The gates are open from 8:45am to 9:00am. Thank you

Year 5

Here's a suggested time-table to follow for your 'Home School Day'. 

Why don't you plan out a time-table with who is in charge of you;

don't forget to plan in break-times

Home Learning Schedule Ideas

Talk for Writing Home-School Activity Booklet

Hi there Year5! Mrs. Willis and I have found you some other things to do for your home-school learning. We hope you have been keeping busy working at home, as well as enjoying the lovely weather in your garden. Don't forget to keep checking the 2Do list on Purple Mash for tablet/computer based learning. Take care and stay safe out there..Mrs. Millner and Mrs. Willis..smiley..xx

Don't forget try some daily spelling on IDL too...smiley

13th April.....

Hey there Year 5....

If you are looking for some new challenges to do at home try these free home learning links.


There is an hour of lessons  each day in English, Maths and topic on....



Another useful web-site, where you can learn by subject area, topic and year group is..



Hope you like them....Mrs. Millner and Mrs. Willis

1st May......

Hello Year 5 children..we hope you are all well and staying safe smiley

Well, a month has gone by since we last gave you some homework, so we have been busy preparing you some more activities for you to do during May. Remember to spend some time on each one and really try to do your best effort- we will share our work when we come back together!

Also don't forget other activities you can do on the laptop/tablet like: Purple Mash ToDos, TTrockstars, IDL and BBC bite-size daily lessons.

We hope to be back together soon, but in the meantime be good, take care of the people in your family and look after yourselves too!

Bye for now take care..Mrs. Millner and Mrs. Willis x


Try these arithmetic questions (5 a day) to keep up to speed with your calculations..Remember always ask yourself, 'Can I do this in my head?'.

If not use a written method you have learnt in school. smiley


Hi ​​​​​​Year 5 how are you all? Here is some more homework for you to be getting stuck into..Remember take your time with each area of work; to get the best out of your homework, try not to rush it. Hope to see you soon, Mrs. Millner and Mrs. Willis.