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The Maths Team at Intack


Hello and welcome to the Intack Primary School Maths page.

My name is Mr. Miller and I am the math's coordinator at Intack; I oversee the teaching of maths across school. 


The other teachers in the Maths team are:

  • Nursery and Foundation Stage - Miss. Duerden ( EYFS Teacher)
  • Key Stage 1 - Mrs. Clamp (Y1 Teacher)
  • Key Stage 2 - LKS2- Miss. Molyneux (Y4 Teacher), UKS2- Mr. Miller (Y6 Teacher)


The team are all committed to making Maths teaching excellent, and ensuring that all children learn and enjoy their Maths lessons.


If you would like to know more about Maths at our school, please contact me.

Mr. Miller

Maths Scheme Of Work

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Our Learning Platform

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Maths Marvels at Intack!


Autumn term's Maths Marvels, chosen for their effort, progress, improvement, resilience and knowledge are..



Areeba and Daniel


Year 1

Zermeene and Leroy


Year 2

Mustafa and Aizah


Year 3

Jakub and Muhammad


Year 4

Moosa and Eesaa


Year 5

Eshan and Salmaan


Year 6

Hasnain and Duha


Many congratulations to all the children above for their hard work smiley

Math's Day Spring Term 2022

EYFS and Nursery had a shape and pattern focus. 

We made repeating patterns using loose parts, threading necklaces and using card strips. 

We found 3D shapes in the outdoor area and named them. 

We printed using 3D shapes in the playdough, exploring the 2D shapes that are seen on the faces. 

We also used a giant tens frame outdoors to look at number bonds to 10 and added some work to our maths number scrapbook.





Key Stage 1.

The children used money and gave change in the class shop. They also looked at halves of different shapes.



Math's Day Autumn Term 2021

Nursery and Reception...

We focused on 2D shape for Math's Day, especially circles and triangles linking them to the number 1 and 3. 

We made shape pictures, cutting and sticking and drawing around 2d shapes. 

We fed the shape monsters the correct shapes whilst naming them. 

Shape hunt outdoors. 

Printing in the playdough with shapes, talking about the properties.


Year 1 and 2...

In KS1 the children had to estimate then check how many cubes were needed to balnce classroom objects and then predict which were 'heavier or lighter'. They also used the symbols < > to write up their observations.



Later the children were able to recognise the value of different coins and organise them in order.

Activities included cutting out coins and ordering from smallest to largest, and then using 5p and 10p coins at Mr Nakhuda’s diner to purchase food while asking for the correct change.



The children also described 2-D shapes by talking about the number of sides and vertices and also described 3-D shapes according to the number and shape of the faces, the number of edges and vertices. 

The children had to decide whether the shapes are 2-D or 3-D by feeling the shapes in a feely bag. They also had fun creating 'Scary Shape Monsters'.


Finally, the children had decide on which paper strips were 'shorter, longer and the same. They then used rulers to measure accurately in centimetres.


Year 3 and 4...

In Lower Juniors the children took part in activities with measure, budgeting, shapes and interpreting data. The children got the opportunity to move aroundthe classes and take part in lots of fun activities.



Year 5 and 6...

The Upper Juniors worked on number: code-breaking and alebraic links, also with money and prices-getting a good deal at the shop. The triangles we studied were: equilateral, isosceles, right-angled and scalene.



Later, the children drew a Vitruvian Man based on their had-span and arm length. This was then multiplied to find wheteher this matched their height. 

Math's Day Summer Term 2021

Intack had a Math's enrichment day recently, all lessons being taught outside the classroom. We had fun doing our lessons in the open air and we had the opportunity to work with different teachers (socially distanced) in our Key Stages. 

Year 5 and 6

Year 5 and 6 investigated the parts of a circle and the names for these.

The children calculated missing sides in rectangles.

They also searched for different types of angles around the school, worked on degrees in a circle, and half and full turns.

Year 3 and 4

The teacher gave the children a calculation and the children had to use the hop scotch to show the answer.

The children were given a multiplication calculation and the children had to show the answer using objects they had found outdoors. The children had to make Roman numerals using the straws and lolly sticks.

Year 1 and 2

Y1 and Y2 children had a shop, the children were recognising money, reading amounts, making amounts by combining coins and finding different ways to make the same amount.


Then they had made potions- the children had to follow a recipe using capacity vocabulary and measurements.


After that they created a human clock, the children used their body to show the hands of the clock. They drew their own clocks using chalk.

National Numeracy Day 19th May 2021.

What do I want to be, when I grow up?

To mark Numeracy Day we talked about the importance of numbers in the world of work and in particular how they are used in different jobs. We then drew a picture to show us doing our 'Dream Job' using numbers.

Year 1

Year 3

Here's our Math's Day in February 2020..

Year 5 and 6 were set the challenge of finding out how many nets they could find to make a 3-D cube, as well as working with money, buying and receiving change in the class shop. They also worked on number 'variation', using what you know must be correct and explaining it, rather than working out with a method. We also worked on 'magic triangles', making each side total the same and then finding a pattern.

Year 5 and 6

Year 3 and 4

In Year 3 and 4 the children were challenged to represent numbers in as many ways as possible using concrete resources. They also worked on their equivalent fractions, making exhibits out of multi-link cubes to be displayed in their 'Fraction Museum'. For eg. if their exhibit had 4 cubes white and 4 black then the fraction of black would four-eighths or one half.

Year 1 and 2

On Maths Day, Key Stage 1 had fun exploring numbers. The children used a variety of equipment to help them better understand the value of tens and units (ones). They spent time in partners using our equipment to find out how many tens and units are in a number. In class discussions the children talked about the equipment used and what they had found out. The children then explored numbers further by discussion similarities and differences. They used and shared ideas about mathematical thinking to answering reasoning about numbers (e.g. does it have a 10 in it? How do you know?). 




Intack children had a treat, when former B.D.O. world champion Scott Waites came in to play darts and show us his brilliant mental maths skills. Scott set up a dart board for a whole school assembly in the hall and played darts against children from all year groups. He then challenged the Year 6 and Year 4 classes to a game of arrows, where the children learnt addition and subtraction methods in a darts game from 501 down.


A great time was had by everyone and we wish Scott good luck for the future!