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Eid Mubrak to all our families who are celebrating today.


The Maths Team at Intack


Hello and welcome to the Intack Primary School Maths page.

Our team leader is me, Mr. Miller, I oversee the teaching of maths across school. 


The other teachers in the Maths team are:

  • Nursery and Foundation Stage - Miss. Duerden
  • Key Stage 1 - Mrs. Clamp
  • Lower Key Stage 2 - Miss. Molyneux
  • Upper Key Stage 2/ Maths Coordinator - Mr. Miller 


The team are all committed to making Maths teaching excellent, and ensuring that all children learn and enjoy their Maths lessons.


If you would like to know more about Maths at our school, please contact me.


Mr. Miller




Intack children had a treat, when the current B.D.O. world champion Scott Waites came in to play darts and show us his brilliant mental maths skills. Scott set up a dart board for a whole school assembly in the hall and played darts against children from all year groups. He then challenged the Year 6 and Year 4 classes to a game of arrows, where the children learnt addition and subtraction methods in a darts game from 501 down.


A great time was had by everyone and we wish Scott good luck for the coming season!  


This is us enjoying the last Math's Day in October 2019...


Key Stage 1 Maths Day

We completed 2 activities within our year group classes.

Year 1 looked at shape reasoning where the children grouped shapes and explained why they have chosen to group them that way and ‘Monsters Hiding’ in which the children reasoned about which children would decide and explain how many monsters legs they could fit into space ships.

In year 2, children explored fractions in which they found ½ and ¼ of different amounts. The children also completed a shop based activity, finding totals of the cost of items in the shop and explaining how they know they can pay for the items with their money.


LKS2 Math's Day

Throughout year 3 and 4 the children took part in different activities. In Kingfisher’s class the children took part in time Bingo. The work was differentiated for the different year groups, the children were in small, mixed ability groups during the activity. In Magpie’s class, they had to solve practical puzzles. They discussed the vocabulary which they would need: orientation, rotate, tangrams, parallel, triangles, square and parallelogram. They then carried out an investigation. “Can you relate these 7 shapes to form one large square?” In Parrot’s class the activities were based around money. The children played money bingo, they had to match the amounts to the written amounts, The children then got to play shop where they had to buy something and then work out the change, the children had to match the amounts and make the amount in different ways. Following this the teacher questioned the children with adding more or less to the amount. In Kestrel’s class, the children had to solve lots of problems. They used the IPADs to solve different puzzles.


UKS2 Math’s Day

Year 5 classes had problem solving and measuring activities going on. Children who carouselled into Toucan’s had to solve the number challenges and problems Mrs.Willis has set them. In Jay’s class, Mrs. Millner had set children the challenge to measure themselves then draw themselves on A4 paper by scaling down.

Year 6 classrooms had reasoning and logic problems happening. In Pelican’s classroom children had to ride the properties bus and collect more points by knowing their shape properties. In Eagle’s class children worked as a team to solve problems from sets of clues.

Maths Marvels At Intack.......!


2019 Autumn term's Maths Marvels, chosen for their effort, progress, improvement, resilience and knowledge are..



Mark Smith and Tia Wright


Year 1

Imaan-Fatima Jamil


Year 2

Ella Maxwell and Adrian Babiarz


Year 3

Salmaan Kadu and Muhammad Kheratker


Year 4

Blake Thompson and Zain Robson


Year 5

Taylor Bunten and Ali Isazedeh


Year 6

Imaan Yousaf and Zoeyah Ahmed


Many congratulations to all the children above for their hard work..smiley

Here's our Maths Day in February 2020..

Year 5 and 6

Year 5 and 6 were set the challenge of finding out how many nets they could find to make a 3-D cube, as well as working with money, buying and receiving change in the class shop. They also worked on number 'variation', using what you know must be correct and explaining it, rather than working out with a method. We also worked on 'magic triangles', making each side total the same and then finding a pattern.
Year 3 and 4
In Year 3 and 4 the children were challenged to represent numbers in as many ways as possible using concrete resources. They also worked on their equivalent fractions, making exhibits out of multi-link cubes to be displayed in their 'Fraction Museum'. For eg. if their exhibit had 4 cubes white and 4 black then the fraction of black would four-eighths or one half.
Year 1 and 2
On Maths Day, Key Stage 1 had fun exploring numbers. The children used a variety of equipment to help them better understand the value of tens and units (ones). They spent time in partners using our equipment to find out how many tens and units are in a number. In class discussions the children talked about the equipment used and what they had found out. The children then explored numbers further by discussion similarities and differences. They used and shared ideas about mathematical thinking to answering reasoning about numbers (e.g. does it have a 10 in it? How do you know?).