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Thank you for your support with the Summer Fair on Friday.... very well attended and a brilliant atmosphere! End of year events this week and finish at 1.30pm Friday.


At our school we aim to provide a history curriculum rich not just in knowledge but also in skills; skills that will be built upon year on year.  By the end of KS2, pupils’ well-developed historical thinking will mean that they will know about the different groups of people and events that have shaped our country, our region and the wider world.  They will use be able to use historical skills to interpret events and developments by considering the themes of change and continuity, similarity and difference, cause and effect and chronology.  They will make links between events, developments, peoples and periods in the past by asking and answering challenging historical questions.  They will use a range of historical sources to help them research, analyze and evaluate.  Their ideas will be communicated effectively, using historical terms accurately.  Our children will also draw on their knowledge and skills from other subjects to help them reach conclusions.  They will understand that in history, it is the norm to accept that we don’t always fully understand the ‘whys’, the ‘whats’ and the ‘hows’.  They will be prepared for the next stage of their history education and they will have memories for life from visitors, visits and experience days, hopefully fostering a love of not only learning about the past but learning from the past.