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3 Magpies

Hello and welcome to Magpie Class. We are year 3 children and our teacher is Miss McKee.

Magpie Facts


Magpies are large birds with black-and-white feathers and long tail. When they are in the sunshine their feathers are beautiful and they shine with a purplish-blue sheen to the wing feathers, and a green gloss to the tail.  They walk or hop along the ground and make a noisy chattering sound. 
Magpies eat lots of different kinds of food. They will eat meat such as baby birds, eggs and carrion (dead animals). They will also eat seeds and other parts of plants. 
Magpies like bright, shiny things, such as aluminium. Sometimes they take shiny objects and so some people think they are untrustworthy. Many people do not like magpies but magpies are very clever birds. They can pass the mirror test. This is when the bird can see itself in a mirror and understand that it is a reflection.