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At Intack Primary School, History is organised in different ways across the different key stages.

In EYFS, History is taught through “Knowledge and understanding of the world”.  Children start to make links between past and present events in their own and others’ lives.  They share stories and talk about what has happened to characters.  They begin to develop a simple vocabulary of history – in the past/a long time ago.

At KS1, History is taught on a 2 year rolling programme by one teacher across both year groups.  Progression is ensured by using the curriculum end-points for Y1 and Y2 to enable children to reach a greater depth of skills and knowledge, at Year 2, even when the topic is the same.

At KS2, History is taught by class teachers.  There is a long term plan of which history topics are taught in which year group, so that teachers are able to see what has been taught before, and what will be taught in future.  Using curriculum end-points for each year group, we ensure that the history skills, knowledge and understanding are taught at the right depth for the level of the child.