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Thank you for your support with the Summer Fair on Friday.... very well attended and a brilliant atmosphere! End of year events this week and finish at 1.30pm Friday.



Children are proud of their achievements and have experienced and enjoyed writing for 'real purpose' and for a variety of different audiences. Writing is a fundamental part of the curriculum, cross-curricular writing standards will have improved and writing is of a good quality. The teaching of writing will have impacted positively on work produced in other subjects and clearly shows a consolidation of skills and a deeper understanding of writing and it's impact on the intended audience.

  • Children will have developed a wide range of vocabulary spoken and written.

  • All learners are ready for the next stage of education and have made progress.

  • By the time children are in KS2, most genres are familiar to them and teaching can focus on creativity, sustained writing and extended grammar and punctuation skills.

  • Key writing features and elements are transferable to the wider curriculum and subjects outside of English lessons. 

We aim to ensure that our children have the knowledge and skills to be able to write successfully and purposefully for an audience. We want our children to leave Intack Primary with a secure understanding of writing and meet the needs of a challenging secondary curriculum. Pupils will leave Intack Primary School as confident and capable writers. They will be able to communicate effectively through a range of forms and have developed a genuine love and appreciation for writing.