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Session 7

This is the first week back after half term. So I decided we needed to get ourselves back into the Forest School routine, away from the classroom and convert back to the Forest School environment and rules. 

This session had the following learning objectives: 


  • I can understand the safety of the woodland area
  • I can say 3 things that might live in the woods (re cap on previous term lessons)
  • I can name three natural living things in the Forest School area (plants/trees)
  • I am aware of the different areas outlined in the Forest School site 

We had a tidy up of the area and created some signs to outline the different sections of the site. We did this cutting wood up with a bow saw. writing the section areas on the wood and painting these . 

We  also created a new bird feeding area, with a bath for the birds to visit.


Whilst we were all super busy with our activities some children became very interested in finding mini beasts and because the weather was so warm and sunny we found lots of new insects which we had not seen before at Forest School. These included caterpillars, beetles, lady birds and wasps.