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Thank you for your support with the Summer Fair on Friday.... very well attended and a brilliant atmosphere! End of year events this week and finish at 1.30pm Friday.

Year 1

The first term has included the learners getting to know the site. The Forest School Association believes that learners should have around 5-7 weeks of getting to know their surroundings before getting into fully planned sessions. This is to ensure that learners feel safe in their new learning setting, are aware of the health and safety of the site and resources being used, observations can take place for the Forest School lead to thereafter plan sessions around learners interests, enhancing individual learning needs and supporting the six main principles of Forest School. 


There are different objectives which are covered over the forest school sessions which are planned from previous observations and cover the forest school principles.

In Autumn term the following objectives were covered with different activities: 

  • To understand and adhere to the forest school rules
  • To gain a sense of love for the natural world 
  • To be able to work as a team or independently 
  • To understand the season and be able to state differences which occur at this time of year 
  • To be able to create an obstacle course created from natural objects 
  • To complete different weekly autumn/winter activities
  • To follow set instructions 
  • To cook on an open fire 
  • To be able to identify mini beasts and their matching habitat 
  • To create a clay mini beast  

In Spring term we have been very busy continuing gaining life skills, understanding differences which occur in the natural world, enhancing our love for our planet, working as a team and being kind to everybody and all things around us.

We have loved bird watching this term, looking through binoculars and identifying different birds using our identification sheets on our clipboards. We found the best hiding places to keep super quiet whilst we were looking out for our birds. We also 

Throughout the sessions we have also explored for mini-beasts, we enjoy identifying different injects which appear throughout the different seasons and create habitats to match the mini-beast. 

Within our free exploration time we love digging in the zoned area, this is next to the mud kitchen where we can create new yummy recipes using our imaginations!