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Well done to Year 6, SAT's completed! Several dates coming up....please check the calendar.




Holidays During Term Time


Holidays during term time will only be authorised in very specific and exceptional circumstances in accordance with Government guidelines, and only where permission for the absence has been requested in advance.  Where a holiday is not authorised, it will be marked in the Attendance Register as an Unauthorised Holiday using Code G. A Penalty Notice application will be submitted to the Local Authority where the criteria set out in the Local Authority Penalty Notice Code of Conduct are met.



Religious Observance


Absences for religious observance will be authorised using Code R when the day has been exclusively set apart for religious observance by the religious body to which the parents belong. Where necessary, school may seek advice from the parents’ religious body about whether it has set the day apart for religious observance, and may also take advice from the Local Authority.



Child Performers


Parents of a child performer may seek leave of absence from school for their child to take part in public performances, including theatre, film or TV work, and modelling. Parents must contact the Headteacher in advance to discuss the nature and frequency of the work and must be in possession of a valid performance licence from the Local Authority. Any absences authorised for child performers will be recorded as Code C.



Unauthorised Absence


Pupils who are absent from school without a satisfactory reason will be marked as an unauthorised absence using Code O.



Children Missing Education (CME)


Where a pupil has been absent for ten consecutive school days or more without contact, or where the school has good reason to believe the family has moved out of the Blackburn with Darwen area, a CME report will be made to the Local Authority. The Local Authority will advise when the child should be removed from the school’s roll.