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You will receive a text message if we consider your child to have been in close contact with a positive Covid case. We hope all Parents of children who will be of school age for the next school year, from September, have returned their school application form. If you require help with this please ask at the Office. Thank you.



Early reading is underpinned by good quality phonics teaching.  The systematic teaching of phonics has a high priority throughout FS and KS1. Phonics is taught daily to all learners in FS and KS1.  Intervention is planned for those Year 2 pupils who have not passed the phonics screening in Year 1 and for those pupils who are falling below expected levels.  

Letters and Sounds is used as the spine for delivery of the phonics sessions.  Learners are systematically taught the relationship between sounds and the graphemes which represent them.  The teaching approach is visual, auditory and kinaesthetic to appeal to all learning styles and therefore, increasing the likelihood of success.


Phonics is delivered in a whole class format in Foundation Stage because it enables staff to ensure application across subjects embedding the process in a rich literacy environment for early readers. 


In KS1, children are streamed and taught in phonic phase groups, as more focused teaching ensures a greater likelihood of rapid progress. 


In KS2, for those children who need to 'catch-up', a phonics catch-up program is in place. Indivdualised phonics programmes are in place to ensure children receive the intervention they need to secure early phonic and reading skills.