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Eid Mubarak to our families.

Week 2

In these sessions the children got very creative! The children made portraits out of natural resources, which they collected themselves. These portraits represented their feelings towards being outdoors and later expressed these feelings by telling the group why they had created the portraits they did and what they used to create this. The learners followed instructions and used their maths knowledge to add the correct measurements of mud. Science, PSHE, English and Maths were all incorporated into these sessions. In the free choice time the learners decided to make some dens, they used their own ideas to create dens and explained why they had made them in certain ways. To finish the session off we played some fun games! 


The following learning objectives were met: 


  • To create a portrait made out of natural resources 
  • To follow a set of instructions 
  • To understand measurements 
  • To take care of the natural world