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We hope you all have a lovely half term. If you need help during the holidays Blackburn with Darwen Help Hub telephone line is still available 01254 588111. We will return to school on Monday 1st November 2021.

Session 5

This weeks sessions objectives were:


  • To recognise the different sounds we can hear in the forest environment 
  • To be able to recognise different habitats
  • To describe how imaginary things might look and feel
  • To create a fairy habitat 


This weeks session started off with a walk around the forest school site, listening for different sounds we could hear, at the same time trying to match them up with where they came from. The children also discussed and identified different habitats whilst matching the noises up. On our journey we found a lot of fairy doors in the tree trunks!

We went back to the seating circle and discussed our findings! The children were then given different resources to create fairy habitats after imagining the key features that they would need to make these. 

Whilst we were outside we also made dens to keep warm from the rain and cold. Some children decided to create a habitat for different creatures under the shelters. 

On our journey we also found lots of mini beasts, which we made habitats for.